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Golden Solomon Group of companies include Golden Solomon Link Nigeria Ltd, Golden Solomon Capital Investment Ltd, De Unique Tradecom.GS Ltd.

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Golden Solomon Group is a global resource company that deals in Imports and Exports, Structured Trade Financing Agricultural commodities Trading, Recycling, Procurement services, Logistics and more.

We strive to provide the most competitive pricing and fastest delivery times for our clients’ import and export needs. We aim to transform international trade in Nigeria by making it more efficient and easier for our clients.


In the years of our existence, we have come to understand the specific needs of our clients and we are aware of how burdensome it is to ensure that there are no disruptions to their import supply chain process.

Navigating the bottlenecks that are peculiar to sourcing for FX can be a cumbersome process and late payments to foreign suppliers can be costly financially, lead to reputational damage, worsen cashflow and even disrupt a manufacuture’s production process, especially when there are lapses in supply chain process.


The volatility of Foreign Exchange, the instability of the Naira and other attending expenses can exacerbate the final cost of production and the eventual market prices of manufactured goods. While other factors such as Naira instability and inflation may not be directly avoided, our mission is to help lessen the impact of risk associated with foreign exchange risk exposures.

Our bespoke solutions benefit our clients in aspects such as cost Savings, improved efficiency and Cashflow flexibility for budgeting and financial plannig purposes.


With our DDP and Import finance facility, importers can now get their goods delivered to them without exposing themselves to any foreign exchange risk. while our Pre-export finance facility serves as working capital for exporters of agricultural commodities.

We also have interest in recycling of plastic materials.

Our mission is to transform international trade in Nigeria and our vision is to be your trading partner all the way. We can count on our team of seasoned professionals, who have industry experience in Banking, Finance and International Trade to deliver these goals.

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